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Stay Idle Unveils Title Track "The Algorhythm" from New Record

April 08, 2024

By Ace Hartmann | Racketeer Broadcast Association  | 

Hailing from the woods of east Belgium, punk band, 'Stay Idle' is making waves with the release of their second single, "The Algorhythm," the title track of their newly released, highly anticipated sophomore record from Bearded Punk Records. Following the success of their debut single "Rip It Up," this latest offering promises to deliver a raw and unapologetic commentary on society.

As part of their promotional campaign for "The Algorhythm" and their now available album, the band aims to expand their reach beyond Belgian borders, targeting non-Belgian media outlets and potential partners. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with their record release show selling out within a mere three days and securing numerous shows across Belgium.

Looking ahead, Stay Idle sets their sights on European expansion, with a particular focus on countries such as The Netherlands, Germany, and Czechia. With ambitions to tour extensively throughout 2024, the band welcomes any opportunity for media coverage to support their journey.

"The Algorhythm" serves as a powerful protest anthem, reflecting the band's discontent with societal norms. Recorded by Alessio Di Turi and Cedric Maes at Hightime Studio, the track embodies a gritty and confrontational energy, inviting listeners to join in the rebellion against the status quo.

Stay Idle's relentless determination and impassioned message are evident in every chord of "The Algorhythm," marking a significant milestone in their musical evolution. As they gear up for a year of intense touring and creative exploration, the band remains poised to leave an indelible mark on the European music scene.

Fans can expect a bold and unapologetic experience as Stay Idle continues to push boundaries and challenge conventions with their electrifying sound.

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