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Red Oak Romps

Sunday, from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM

Tune into Racketeer Radio KFQX to hear Red Oak Romps broadcasting LVE aboard the SS Red Oak Victory.

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About the Show: Jitterbugs & Lindy Hoppers rejoice– join us on Sunday afternoons for a show design for your dancing shoes! This show is broadcast from the ship's cargo hold converted dancehall as we celebrate the music of the era, cultural artifacts of WWII, & the lasting impacts of an era gone by. We are delighted that audiences can enjoy Red Oak Romps on the deck & from the comfort of home. 

About the Ship: Originally launched in November 1944, The SS Red Oak Victory is a World War II era Victory-class cargo ship currently moored at the historic Kaiser Shipyards in Richmond, CA- the same shipyards the ship was constructed 80 years ago. The SS Red Oak Victory is one of the final remaining vessels afloat today of the 747 the Kaiser Shipyards produced. This program was developed in partnership with the ship's administration for its 80th anniversary. The SS Red Oak Victory hosts numerous events throughout the year, including seasonal dances, Homefront Film Series (in the fully-converted theatre cargo hold), & pop-up breakfast club with grub served from the ship's original galley. Visiting the SS Red Oak Victory shares the brand synergy and commitment to preservation & is the must-see spot for all Racketeer Radio listeners. 

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