Mike Di Stasio

November 21, 2020

If you told Mike that someday he would be interviewing hundreds of Hollywood celebrities and acting Legends, he probably would have told you that you’re crazy. But, it’s been four years now that Mike has been on Boston’s airwaves with his radio show called, Reel Talk w/ The Hollywood Kid, interviewing some of the biggest names in the industry, and he has now become one of the premier interviewers in the business.

His story is one that inspires many people to never give up on their passions in life. Mike’s show has now become one of the hottest show on the radio.

Given the nickname, “The Hollywood Kid” as a young boy by some of his neighborhood friends, for his uncanny knowledge of Movies/Showbiz, Michael says, he has always followed movies and behind the scenes gossip, and says he had a membership to The Hollywood Reporter at the age of 14.

As he got older he says he began to get involved in acting by appearing as an extra on a lot of the big Hollywood productions, including working on an episode of the HBO Mob Drama, The Sopranos.

“I was always fascinated by the medium of radio on all levels. The fact that someone could go on the radio and speak into a microphone and connect with thousands of people, and nowadays with Live Streaming, people all over the world, just blew me away,” Mike says, one day he walked into WNTN in Newton Mass. (same station where Howard Stern had his first job in radio) and asked if he could do a show. He then went on to create a friendship with the stations GM, John Frassica. “I’ll always be grateful to John for teaching me so much, he was so generous with his time to teach me about radio, and the power that that antenna on the property had.”

After a few discussions with the stations GM, Mike, with the help of John, the stations GM, went on to produce in depth, intimate interviews with some of the biggest names in Showbiz. Actors like: George Hamilton, Ed Asner, Stacy Keach, Joyce Randolph, Charlotte Rae and, one of the Mike’s favorite interviews, The Godfather actor, Alex Rocco, who last passed away a month after the interview. Mike says, he had no idea he was sick at the time, “when he got on the phone I was stunned how frail he sounded.” Mike says, “That interview really did a lot for getting his show on the map, and when the show aired, so many people streamed the show that the WNTN web-site crashed!”

Mike also has interviewed Actors: Robert Davi, George Hamilton, Paul Sorvino, Linda Gray, Richard Herd, Stuart Margolin, Ken Lerner, Sal Viscuso, Daphne Maxwell Reid, Ruta Lee, George Wyner, Gianni Russo, Dawn Wells, Stacy Keach, Alex Rocco, Richard Herd, Marion Ross, George Wyner, Peter Mark Richman, Ken Wahl, Susan Anton, David Proval, Michael Dante, Henry Darrow, Rob Paulsen, Piper Laurie, Didi Conn, Ed Asner, Frank Stallone, Hank Garrett, Mike Starr, Charlotte Rae, Anson Williams, Donny Most, Burt Ward, Joyce Randolph, Eric Braeden, Stephen Baldwin, Adam Rodriguez, Ed Marinaro, and Legendary Radio/TV Host Larry King to name a few.

Has it been a smooth road?
As a one man show. I produce, book guests, promote, research, write questions and all other aspects of the show. Some of the obstacles in doing the show, is that you are constantly working around other people’s schedules when booking the show. And you are constantly sending out email, leaving voice messages with Agents, Managers and Publicists every day. In order to be successful in whatever you are pursuing, is that you have to be able to put the time and effort into it, to make it a success, and that’s what I have done to make any show a success.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Reel Talk w/ The Hollywood Kid story. Tell us more about the business.
I think what sets my show aside from a lot of other show. Is that, my show does not have A-List Actors on as guests. My guests are actors/actresses who we’ve all watched on TV as a kids and I’m incredibly proud of that fact. No other radio show does half hour interview with actors from the Golden Age of Hollywood. I had the late actor, and Somerville native, Alex Rocco on my show, who played Moe Greene in the movie The Godfather, and at the very end of the interview I was running lines for the movie with him back and forth. I found that to be such a highlight for me, personally, being that in a huge Godfather fan!

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?
Given the way technology is constantly changing. I think that you will see content being delivered on so many different platforms in the future. You’re seeing that now with, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HuLu, and YouTube to name a few. In a lot of ways these platforms have changed the way Hollywood does business. For instance, who would have ever thought that a movie like, The Irishman, starring: Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Al Pacino and directed by Martin Scorsese, would be seen by Movie fans at a Movie Theater. But, in fact it will be seen only if you have a Netflix account and not at a theater.


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