Grace Collins

November 21, 2020

I got my love of the Golden Age Of Hollywood very early on. My dad would watch and I would join him. I loved the glamorous NYC, the gorgeous lounging gowns that the beautiful women wore lounging. There were flowers in every room. The apartments were magnificent and I knew that would be me someday. I Read whatever I could get my hands on about classic Hollywood, the stories, the memoirs, the biographies and I’d lose myself learning about everything. I guess I’m an expert but I learn something new everyday.

I didn’t get the glam apartment, but I do live in NYC, I always have fresh flowers, and as far as gorgeous lounging gowns, you’d catch me lounging in sweatpants , leggings, and a T shirt. Not too glamorous but very comfy.

I love Classic Hollywood more then ever. One of the best days was when TCM came on the air, no commercials and with the incredible Robert Osborne hosting. RIP Robert. There is nothing like having a yuck day and getting ready for bed then getting comfy and watch a great old movie.

I am so lucky to do my podcast.
I’ve talked to truly amazing folks.
I have lots more coming up.
Thanks so much for listening,

Grace Collins


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