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June 06, 2015

Charles Barkley Uses Golf Balls with Shaq's Face on Them at 'The Match 3'

"This the ugliest ball in the world right here." That's Charles Barkley talking about the golf balls his partner, Phil Mickelson, gave him to use on the course Friday ... with Shaquille O'Neal's face plastered on them!!! Chuck and Phil are going… Permalink

Drake Says Weeknd Snub Proves Grammys Irrelevant

Drake almost finds humor in the Grammys which inexplicably snubbed The Weeknd, essentially saying those little trophies really don't mean crap. Drake said Wednesday night, "I think we should stop allowing ourselves to be shocked every year by the… Permalink

Grammys Chief Denies Super Bowl Tied to Weeknd's Snub, Any 'Corrupt' Behavior

The Weeknd's Grammys snub had nothing to do with him playing the Super Bowl ... at least according to the Recording Academy Chief. Harvey Mason Jr. -- interim President and CEO of the Academy -- says, "We understand that The Weeknd is disappointed… Permalink

'I Love New York' Star Kamal 'Chance' Givens Was Too Busy For Reunion

Kamal "Chance" Givens is taking a page from Michael Corleone in explaining why he was MIA from a reunion show with Tiffany "New York" Pollard ... it's not personal, it's strictly business. Here's the deal ... Tiffany ripped Chance for blowing off… Permalink

LaVar Ball Says 1-On-1 Showdown With Michael Jordan Isn't Happening, 'We Over 50!'

Terrible news for hoops fans hoping to see Michael Jordan and LaVar Ball face off on the court ... the Big Baller is calling off a 1-on-1 game, saying they're just too old!! It was a rare moment of humility from LaVar, who has been hyping up a… Permalink

The Weeknd Allegedly Given Ultimatum Over Grammys, Super Bowl Before Nomination Snub

The Weeknd remains extra testy with the Grammys ... he just ripped the process on social media, calling it "corrupt." Abel says Grammys brass owe him, his fans and the music industry "transparency." The Weeknd was faced with a tough choice --… Permalink

Director Tristram Shapeero Apologizes to Lukas Gage, Explains Zoom Call Debacle

11/24 -- Shapeero has changed his tune and decided to issue a wholehearted apology to Lukas for what he said on the Zoom call ... but also explain how it wasn't as bad as it seemed. The director says ... "First and foremost I offer Mr. Gage a… Permalink

Taylor Swift Raises Scooter Braun Feud at AMAs, Weeknd's Mummified and Other Highlights

Taylor Swift's ongoing beef with Scooter Braun over the sale of her masters was front-and-center at the AMAs -- and so were a whole lot of other memorable moments. The pop star won the award for Artist of the Year Sunday night at the… Permalink

LaMelo Ball On LaVar vs. Michael Jordan, 'We Know How It Would Turn Out'

"I think we know how it would turn out, to be honest." That's LaMelo Ball trying REALLY hard not to piss off his father or his new boss Friday when asked who would win in 1-on-1 ... LaVar Ball or Michael Jordan!?!?! The answer is obvious to most… Permalink

Barack Obama Talks Book Sales Bragging Rights, Jabs Trump on 'Kimmel'

Barack Obama's new memoir is flying off the shelves -- even more than Michelle's record-setting book in 2018 -- but he says he's not rubbing it in ... and she's fine with his success for her own reasons. This came after the former President burned… Permalink

Verzuz Battle Gets Tense as Gucci Mane Mocks Jeezy Over Friend's Death

Welp, Gucci Mane went there! He played "Truth" ... his infamous diss track boasting about fatally shooting Jeezy's friend Pookie Loc, and as they say, s**t got real. Jeezy immediately stood up, but instead of charging at Gucci or threatening… Permalink

Floyd Mayweather Says He'll Fight Logan Paul, I'll Smash You Like McGregor

Ask ... and you shall receive! It appears Logan Paul is getting his wish to fight Floyd Mayweather -- because the boxing legend seemingly accepted the offer and wants to get it on ASAP. As we previously reported, Mayweather was approached with a… Permalink

Tory Lanez Pleads Not Guilty In Megan Thee Stallion Case

Tory Lanez's legal team is back in court after he was charged for shooting Megan Thee Stallion, and just entered his plea ... not guilty. Tory's attorney, Shawn Holley, appeared on his behalf Wednesday in L.A. County court to enter the plea in the… Permalink

Gucci Mane Mocks His Killing of Jeezy's Friend Ahead of Their Verzuz Battle

Gucci Mane is poking the bear before he meets said bear in a music battle -- openly touting the fact he killed one of Jeezy's friends ahead of their Verzuz showdown. Gucci posted a meme Tuesday night mocking his shooting of Jeezy's former… Permalink

Elon Musk Trolled By Doctor Calling Him 'Space Karen' Over COVID Test

Elon Musk was spectacularly triumphant Sunday over the historic SpaceX launch, but that didn't stop critics from slapping a 2020 label on him -- "Space Karen," and it all has to do with coronavirus. Dr. Emma Bell tore into Musk after he groused… Permalink

President Trump Says COVID Vaccine Won't Go to NY State, Gov. Cuomo Responds

Well, that was fast. Cuomo responded by essentially saying it's not up to POTUS which states get the vaccine ... adding, "I don't think the FDA is going to play games at this point. So I don't anticipate any real issue." Cuomo also seems to know… Permalink

Larsa Pippen Claims Kanye's Brainwashed Whole Kardashian Family

Larsa Pippen says her falling out with Kim Kardashian and her sisters was at the behest of Kanye West ... who she believes has brainwashed all of them. Larsa opened up about her relationship with Kim on the "Hollywood Raw Podcast," saying the rift… Permalink

Luke Bryan Makes Bulldog Lick Peanut Butter Off Tim Tebow’s Heisman, ‘Go Georgia!’

11/6 -- First curses ... now peanut butter?!?! Luke is taking his hatred for Florida up one more notch ... now using Tebow's Heisman Trophy as a peanut butter dish for his pal's bulldog!!! Bryan posted the hilarious video Friday ... showing him… Permalink

'LeBron James Sucks' Chant Breaks Out at Trump Campaign Rally, Trump Loves It

"LeBron James Sucks!" That's the chant that rang out at a Donald Trump campaign rally in Pennsylvania on Monday ... and #45 loved every second of it. Trump was doing his usual anti-NBA thing ... talking about how NBA ratings sucked this year and… Permalink

Taylor Swift Voices Pro-Biden 'Only the Young' Political Ad

Taylor Swift's lending her voice to a political ad that takes aim at Donald Trump's presidency and the problems plaguing America ... while encouraging young people to vote for Joe Biden. Taylor's politically-charged song "Only the Young" is used in… Permalink


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