New Program Beginning This Wednesday! Pinned with Miss Pinup Miami

April 05, 2021

Coming to Racketeer Radio every Wednesday starting, April 7 2021. We are proud to announce PINNED! with Miss Piup Miami. 

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Jennifer, mostly recognized as Miss Pinup Miami talks about modern life with a vintage flair! Breaking the stereotypes of the Vintage/ Retro/ Rockabilly lifestyle.Take a listen on how to make our everyday life a little more stylish with a retro edge.Lets get PINNED! *NEW Episode* every Wednesdays. Text questions: 1-833-4A-PINUP. Tune into Racketeer Radio Wednesdays at 8pm PST for PINNED! 



My name is Jennifer, most people know me as Miss Pinup Miami. I am born and raised in Miami with a very strong Cuban background. I am a South Florida Local who loves all things vintage, retro, pinup, and local! 

I am a strong advocate within the community and I strive to bring together individuals (men & woman) that have a passion for cars, vintage & rockabilly. I host pinup contests, create community socials via PINNED South Florida.  I author a newsletter/blog to spread awareness of the culture. I also founded Pinups at the Zoo to establish a nationwide outing that is available to all states without breaking the bank. In turn, helping the community and unites pinups across our great nation. This website is a resource I designed and is being carried out as a labor of LOVE! It is my ultimate goal for this website to grow and be the go-to resource for vintage/ rockabilly events and meetups in Florida.


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