Dropkick Murphys - This Machine Still Kills Fascists

June 21, 2022 - 318 views
On September 30, 2022
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Dropkick Murphys

This Machine Still Kills Fascists

Born and Bread Records

Available Sept 30 2022


from instagram @dropkickmurphys
Hey everybody - after months of keeping things under wraps, we are PROUD TO ANNOUNCE OUR NEW ALBUM...coming SEPTEMBER 30....THIS MACHINE STILL KILLS FASCISTS !!!

This is a special ACOUSTIC ALBUM we wrote around previously unpublished lyrics by one of our idols, WOODY GUTHRIE !! That's right - there's not a guitar amplifier on this album!! PLUS we're doing our FIRST EVER ACOUSTIC THEATER TOUR to bring these new songs - plus all your DKM faves - straight to you in your hometown.

A bit more background on the album... First off, Woody Guthrie embodies the spirit of true rebellion. Always one to stand up for the working man, and to fight the good fight against fascism. As his famous guitar so boldly declared - THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS... And this isn't our first collaboration with him. Back in 2004, we found an unpublished lyric in Woody's archives called "Shipping Up To Boston," and turned that into a song you may know... With Al Barr on hiatus, the rest of us wanted to record, but not do a typical DKM album without him...so we figured this was the perfect time to reconnect with Woody's words. And we can't wait for you to hear it !!

To kick things off, here's a little trailer from a documentary we've made about the making of the album. The trailer brings you behind the scenes and gives previews of THREE NEW SONGS -- you'll have to wait until July 6 for the first single to drop on the streaming platforms!! Special guests on the album include EVAN FELKER from @turnpiketroubadours@nikkilane77, and Woody's grandson @colequest.



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