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Racketeer Radio

Advertisement Rates

Regular price $95.00

Racketeer Radio launched January 1 2020 and we are offering amazing first quarter ad rates of 2020

Racketeer Radio strives to be the connection of building a community of vintage inspired business owners to customers around the world

Why advertise with Racketeer Radio?

Racketeer Radio will be running ads that will directly connect to our audiences, we will not be running insurance ads or the same commercial ads you hear on the other platforms, that have no use or connections to the vintage culture.  Racketeer Radio will eventually only be advertising vintage, classic inspired companies which is targeted specifically to our listeners who are involved, inspired and love the vintage lifestyle as well. 

Racketeer Radios first quarter will run Jan 1 2020 - March 31 2020
For our first initial run, Racketeer Radio is offering the lowest prices each month at $75 for the first three months, to run your 30 - 60 sec. audio ad on Racketeer Radio. We have an automated, guided tool that will run the last played commercial first, each time a commercial is played. Your ad will have countless plays, randomly aired times throughout each day for the month, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Purchase our first quarter ad rate
January 1 2020 - March 31 2020 $75 x 3 months = $225 
OR Monthly (30 days)  for $95

Included with your audio ad is our non audio option as well! Be featured not only at and shared content on social media but on our app as well, Giving easy and fast access to your website and shop.


Need tips on how to make an audio ad?


Save now on Racketeer Radios FIRST ad rates. As next quarters rates may rise in prices