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*PLEASE READ* If you are not using SAFARI you can use ANDROID. Please Record Your message on your Default Voice Recorder and Please email us with your recording attached to _______________________________________________

  Please send Positive, Respectful, Uplifting, Loving, Encouraging, Inspirational Messages, All Radiograms are screened by human ears. Racketeer Radio has the right not to air any 'radiogram(s)' that we feel do not fit our guidelines and will do so WITHOUT A DONATION REFUND. Make your message count and don't waste either of our time or money. We have the right not to air your 'Racketeer Radiogram' if we find it vulgar, distasteful, hateful, racist, sexist, political, religious, etc. I repeat! Racketeer Radio will not air any messages that mirror any negative speech and will not receive a refund for your donation.

Ace Hartmann - Owner and Founder
Racketeer Radio