What Your Musical Taste Says About You by Psych2Go

August 02, 2022
The Last few weeks I have been on a deep dive of myself. For multiple reasons, but to sum it up, I was not keeping up with my needs to be happy. Like a car that needs a routine oil change, tire rotation, spark plug changed and even the high price of fuel. We easily make sure we have enough gas in the car to run our daily errands, but during covid my neglect of myselfs needs resulted in me becoming planted in rust and weededs.  It was time for me to put that chapter to an end and begin writing the chapter where the man is at the end of the rope with his back against the wall and thrillingly escapes to a better day. 
     I began finding alot of great books that helped me focus on making a change, which i may discuss in an upcoming post. In addition to books, i have found and been listening to alot of different podcasts, and watching alot of youtube (there is alot of good help on youtube, once you weed out the snake oil salesmen) This came across my path online and i found it intersting. I thought it would be cool to share and see what you may think. This Video was made and posted by Psych2Go


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