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Westbound Train 'Dedication' available now

November 17, 2022

WESTBOUND TRAIN Releases new Album 'Dedication' the First in 13 years!

Boston ska veterans Westbound Train had a prolific run during the 2000s, with releases on Hellcat Records, Stomp

 Records, and more (including multiple appearances on Hellcat's beloved Give 'Em the Boot compilation series), but 

they slowed down their output before returning this year with Dedication, their first album in 13 years. Similar to bands like Hepcat and The Slackers, Westbound Train stood out from many of the "third wave" bands with a clean, soulful style of ska that also dove into reggae and rocksteady, and their new album finds them doing what they do best, sounding like no time has passed at all. You can stream the full album at and we're also premiering the new Single "Mercy" all weekday morning on Hot Off The Press, Live & Only on Racketeer Radio KFQX. 

"This song is a reminder of a time when I needed to rediscover who I was and where I came from," vocalist Obi Fernandez tells us. "I actually wrote it with two dear friends in mind who’s kindness towards me inspired the chorus. Teaming up with Yassir to put beautiful visuals behind the song made perfect sense." Check it out as we spin it live on Racketeer Radio KFQX! Get the App today or tune in here at Tune in anytime! and request Westbound Train and thier new single 'Mercy' 


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