The Promised End Debut Album, 'For The Buried And The Broken' Coming February 2, 2024

January 19, 2024

Boston's The Promised End Release New Single "Everything Is War"

Upcoming Debut Release “For The Buried And The Broken” Out February 2, 2024

Boston's The Promised End will release its debut 10-song LP "For The Buried And The Broken" on February 2, 2024, via Sound Investment Records (North America)/ Gunner Records (Europe)

The melodic hardcore band features members of Landmines, Tied To A Bear, The Effort, Choke Up and SkyTigers.

Of the track, vocalist Paul Picillo says: "Sisters and brothers, they're making others of the people just like you. They want you to think, everything is war. It's a distraction to keep down the poor and displaced."

Pre-order "For The Buried And The Broken" Here.

The Promised End from Boston, MA might be described as misery soaked melodic hardcore. The music is aggressive with intent and melodic with purpose. It is urgently paced while deliberately shaped, retaining the jagged edges that define the hardcore/punk genre but molded by the hands of an experienced band. The sound is a love letter to the band's inspirations, an homage to 80’s Thrash, Early American Hardcore and Youth Crew. Expressions of personal grief, political frustration and a search for community in an age of isolation populate the vocals. Lyrical themes including criticisms of a modern disposable culture, our appetite for misinformation and the ignorance fueled fear of others are woven between the personal recountings of estranged relationships and loved ones lost or struggling to survive addiction. At times there is a glimpse of light that breaks through the gloom. The offer of hope through mutual aid, direct action and self improvement through adversity deliver a reprieve from the darker tone to mirror the nuances of our shared reality.

Comprised of members of Landmines (Paper+Plastick/ Gunner Records), The Effort (Words Of War/ Panic Records) and Sky Tigers (Sound Investment Records) The Promised End will be releasing their debut full length album “For The Buried And The Broken” February 2nd 2024 on Sound Investment Records (Boston, MA) and Gunner Records (Germany) with a mainland European tour in September 2024 to support the overseas release.

The Promised End and the single, 'Everything is War', gives me a Death By Stereo feeling, which I havent heard or felt since my days in highschool in the early 2000s. With melodic vocals that float with the band heading down a white water raft, turning and stopping on a dime, changing speeds and rhythms. Here the newest singles of The Promised End and get the latest updates and news on the band, here on Racketeer Radio KFQX. Check out the bands single ' War is Everything' down below. Keep your eyes on for more updates, show and tour information.


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