'The Devil Always Collects' the Newest Release from Brian Setzer

August 25, 2023

Brian Setzer Releases Title Track - Album Out September 15th

Brian Setzer unveils red-hot third track, "The Devil Always Collects" from his new solo album of the same name - out September 15th

This Summer, Brian Setzer announced a new full length L.P. following his 2019 release, 'Gotta Have The Rumble'. With the announcement of his upcoming album, 'The Devil Always Collects' Brian Setzer also released a handful of dates for the fall of 2023 to celebrate the new album. Revvin' his engines in anticipation of this release on September 15th from Surfdog Records,  Brian Setzer has previously released two other singles from the album, 'Girl on the Billboard' & 'Black Leather Jacket'. You can learn more about the making of this single below in a video with Brian Setzer and go to BrianSetzer.com and pre-order this vinyl today! You can hear all of these singles and more Brian Setzer music on Racketeer Radio KFQX.


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