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Streetlight Manifesto gives us an update for 2023

March 24, 2023
Released on Streetlight Manifestos' social media pages, Streetlight Manifesto gives an update on the bands plans for 2023. With news on an upcoming new album to be released in the future, no extended tour of any kind in 2023, but they did inform that they will be playing a handful of shows, which are to be announced. Streetlight Manifesto also took the time to give a quick update on the new studio album. Read the full post:
"Hello there 2023! We figured a quarter into the new year would be a ripe time for a few updates of what’s been happening and what will be happening soon over here in Streetlightville. In any other non-worldwide-pandemic sort of year, we would have announced the year’s touring schedule by now, but this year will be a bit different for us, and thereby, at least in regards to listening to and watching us mash on our respective instruments, for you as well. As most of you know, we have been, for quite some time now, working diligently and painstakingly on a new record. We are SLOWLY approaching the end of that endeavor. It’s been an entirely new experience for us, mostly working semi-remotely, but we’re well on our way to completing a hell of an album. Let’s just say it’s very, very musically dense, and we are pouring everything we’ve got into it, so it’s naturally taking much longer than we originally anticipated. It is not finished and is now by any imaginable metric long overdue,  so we decided that instead of doing our usual yearly touring thing where we hit about 30 cities all around the country throughout the year, and a foreign country or two, we are taking a year off to focus almost all of our time and energy on completing the record… SORT OF.
This is a very significant year for us, as many of you know, and not playing any shows at all this year just so we could finish the record would be a damn dirty low down shame. A shame, sayeth we! SO! We will be playing a small handful of special anniversary type shows spread out around the country. They will be announced in the next few weeks, along with more details. We will also be hitting up a festival or two here and/or there. We apologize in advance that we will likely not be hitting your city this year, if you’re not in one of the cities we’ll be announcing, but I think we can all agree, it’s time for some new gott-damb music. Love and kisses, hoping you’re all happy, well fed and getting enough rest."  -The Streetlight Gang.


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