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Sit Down with The Mob Museum

May 18, 2024

New Episode of Sit Down by the Fireside features The Mob Museum 

Sit Down with Maxfield Hunt as he spends some time with special guest Claire White – Director of Education for the Mob Museum in Las Vegas. One of the best museums in the world! Not only because of the content but the way the history is given to you- visiting the museum gives visitors the chance to step through the stories. See the St Valentine's Day Massacre Wall. Step into "the room where it happened" & witness a life-like exposé of the Kevauver Trials in the Las Vegas original courtroom with production value that rivals Walt Disney Imagineering. Then, wet your whistle with libations in the Speakeasy. But good luck finding this secret spot... & don't forget the password...

Join Maxfield Hunt, accompanied by his special guest, Eric Hunt as they sit down & chat with Claire White of the Mob Museum as they chat all things, from the beginning bricks to the one yet to be paved. Your 3-foot-tall daiquiri can wait- With so much rich & lavish history of Las Vegas, this is the one place in the city of sin you need to stop by & get a little kick of education before hitting the streets. Claire White is the one you want to talk to. Luckily we are bringing you the inside scoop with this episode of Sit Down by the Fireside. We learn how & why The Las Vegas Mob Museum is not only a pivotal element of downtown Las Vegas' revitalization, but is also elevating Las Vegas' contributions to the broader museum standards typically reserved for bureaucratic institutions.

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