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Sing Away with Everclear

September 12, 2023

Photo by Ashley Osborn

Art Alexakis, lead singer of Everlast, the band best known for hits such as “Father of Mine,” “Santa Monica” and “Wonderful", recorded "Sing Away" on his 2019 solo album, Sun Songs.

“When it came time to put out this live record, I wanted to record ‘Sing Away’ with Everclear, because it has always felt like an Everclear song,” says Alexakis (in a recent PEOPLE Magazine article) of the bonus track studio version of the song that now includes the iconic sounds of his Everclear bandmates Davey French, Freddy Herrera, and Brian Nolan on their new live album Live at The Whisky a Go Go. “I wanted to do it really heavy. And so, we did, and I just love the way it came out. I was really stoked.”

Everclear is on tour now with The Pink Spiders and the Ataris and will be in Seattle October 4th at The Crocodile. The new live recorded album, 'Live at the Whiskey a Go Go' is available now with the studio recorded verson of 'Sing Free' is available now!


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