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Seattle’s (Iconic) Lusty Lady building finds new owner.

March 20, 2023

According to the Seattle Times article, which you can read here, the iconic Seattle’s Lusty Lady building has found a new owner. Andrew Conru, a Seattle entrepreneur who has made his wealth in adult online entertainment and a host of early web businesses, has purchased the Lusty Lady building in downtown Seattle. 

Conru in the article is quoted saying “I want to create something that brings joy to the people of Seattle and perhaps be a destination to the millions who visit,” he said.  "I want it to be a destination and a draw to the city,” Conru said.

“I don’t have that much [of] an ego to say that I know exactly what would be the best for the city,” and he is leaving it up to the public in an open vote on a new website they created, while they are in the "brainstorming phase". You can go to LUSTYLADY.COM and vote for “Hotel,” “Strip Club,” “Restaurant,” “Museum” and “Retail Store,” or submit your own idea.

In 2015, local real estate development firm REVOLVE announced plans to breathe new life into the former home of Seattle’s Lusty Lady establishment on First Avenue, sandwiched between the Four Seasons Hotel and Harbor Steps. The plans to turn the property into a boutique hotel never materialized. This month, entrepreneur Andrew Conru purchased the building and is asking the public what he should do with it. (Mike Siegel / The Seattle Times, 2015)


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