NOMORE NOFX in 2023?

September 02, 2022

ACEHARTMANN | Sept.02.2022

Words coming from a response made by NOFX frontman, Fat Mike on an instagram comment has got the music and the punk rock community talking. When a fan asked why the band was not coming to Edmonton or Vancouver to play, Fat Mike responded "Actually We love Canada, its just that next year will be our last year. We will be announcing our final shows soon, its been an amazing run..."

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In response to a separate comment, the musician added, “Los Angeles will be the last place we play. It’s where we started, it’s where we’ll end.”

Nothing thus far has been released on thier official website, for things to be clear and official. Im guessing to wait for an official announcment and final show dates to be announced before grabbing the tissues, for all we know, it could be the bassist and lead singers way of having a little fun. only time will tell, but it keeps us on the edge of our seats! 

Do you think this is the end of NOFX? let us know in the comments! 


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