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New Music from the Sludge

September 22, 2022

Bloodshot Bill will release 'Songs from the Sludge' on Hi-Tide Recordings

Ace Hartmann|September 22 2022

On October 21 2022 Bloodshot Bill will release his all new instrumental on Hi Tide Records, 'Songs From the Sludge'. Twangy surf and exotic raw goodness are on tap for Bloodshot Bill's first all-instrumental album! A recent winner of the Ameripolitan Award for Rockabilly Male of the Year and rated in the Top 8 for "Rockin' Guitarists" by Vintage Rock Magazine, he is a giant in the rockabilly/sleaze underworld, thrilling crowds around the world for over two decades! Limited Edition "Sludge" Splatter LP.

  1. Busted Tail 
    2. Spitfire
    3. The Sludge
    4. The Scope
    5. The Scout
    6. Jangled
    7. Out Cold
    8. Undato
    9. Scratch Inn
    10. Smoke Den
    11. Gag A Wag

Pre-Order Bloodshot Bill- 'Songs from the Sludge'


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