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Millennial Daze, Release Single 'Teenage Queen'

June 03, 2024

photo by Matilda Baconi

Millennial Daze Releases New Single "Teenage Queen" as Part of Their Punk Rock Revival

By Ace Hartmann | Racketeer Broadcast Association  | 

Millennial Daze continues to forge ahead in their new era with the release of their latest single, "Teenage Queen." This marks the third chapter of their musical journey, following the singles "Choke the Enemy" in December 2023 and "Paranoia" in March 2024. "Teenage Queen," produced by Gianluca Veronal and released under Attitude Records, the label founded by Andrea Rock, confronts a bitter realization with the irreverence characteristic of punk rock.

"Teenage Queen" captures the classic punk rock essence with its fast and pressing rhythm while incorporating contemporary and pop punk sounds. The song tells the story of a high school girl who, despite appearing mature and superior to her peers, eventually realizes that the world she has built around herself is superficial and hollow. The band's music reflects her discomfort and sense of emptiness as she grapples with this harsh truth.

Millennial Daze, a trio hailing from Novara, Italy, the band is known for their fresh and captivating sound that blends 90s punk rock, alternative rock, and new wave influences. The band consists of Niccolò, Alessandro, and Nicolai, who aim to introduce a modern twist to the punk rock scene. Their music combines "pop" style writing with the sharp, decisive sound of punk, addressing social, reflective, and personal issues while maintaining an energetic and melodic edge.

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The band's journey began with their 2020 debut EP, "Sweet and Loud," a collection of six songs born from their early

 years of experimentation. In 2022, they paid tribute to one of their major influences, The Clash, with the release of "I Fought the Law." Their collaboration with producer Gianluca Veronal of Andead in 2023 marked a significant step in their artistic and musical development, leading to the creation of a modern rendition of the Caesars' "Jerk it Out."

With "Teenage Queen," Millennial Daze continues to push the boundaries of punk rock, combining traditional elements with a contemporary flair. Their latest single is a testament to their evolving sound and their commitment to addressing meaningful themes through music.

Millennial Daze is poised to make a significant impact on the punk rock scene, blending nostalgia with modernity in their unique sound. Fans can look forward to more innovative music from this dynamic trio as they continue to evolve and experiment. For more information and details on Millennial Daze keep up with them with the following links:

Instagram: millennial_daze
TikTok: millennialdaze
YouTube: millennial_daze
Spotify: Millennial Daze


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