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Mean Jeans Are Crafting a Slime Punk Universe with "Blasted"

February 11, 2024

Mean Jean Newest Album, "Blasted" & New Single, 'Lost My Mind'

For the past 15 years, Mean Jeans has been carving out their own niche in the punk rock realm, constructing a fantastical world of slime punk. Delve into their six previous album covers, and you'll encounter a surreal landscape filled with junkyards adorned with bongs and yo-yos, macaroni galaxies, Jägermeister spaceships, alien saxophonists, and pink slugs in bondage dripping with ooze. With their latest full-length album, "Blasted," the trio takes on a new persona, emerging from toxic waste bins on the cover, transformed from cartoons into country-fried maniacs. Yet, their dedication to their slime punk dream remains unwavering, despite the twists and turns it has led them through.

Far from being jaded, the band—comprising Billy Jeans, Houndy, and Junior Jeans—appears to be reveling in the creation19 - Mean Jeans - Cover.jpg (1020 KB) of "Blasted." Across its 15 rapid-fire tracks, they maintain a relentless pace, infusing each song with tight, catchy songwriting and sprinkling in absurd lyrical references and Easter eggs. From Tim Armstrong's X-Files cameo to nods to pop-punk icon Tom DeLonge, the album is a whirlwind of irreverent fun.

Recorded entirely by the band themselves at The Trash Treasury in Portland, Oregon, "Blasted" exudes a raw energy that reflects the band's uninhibited creativity. Eschewing the presence of a producer or engineer, Mean Jeans embraced the chaos of self-recording, juggling roles between the control room and recording room with reckless abandon. The result is a testament to their DIY ethos and a testament to the vibrant punk spirit that thrives in Portland.

"Studio time is just more fun when no one's in charge," remarks Billy Jeans. "When it's just the three of us messing around, the vibe is there."

This carefree atmosphere permeates every aspect of "Blasted." While the album is a wild ride filled with weird and wacky moments, it also offers glimpses of introspection and reflection. Tracks like "I Don't Give A Shit Anymore" and "Look What Punk's Done To You" capture the highs and lows of living life at full throttle, while "Something's Going On" pays homage to cult classics with a punk twist.

At its core, "Blasted" serves as a meditation on the essence of pop-punk and what it means to be a punk band. Through their irreverent lyrics and infectious melodies, Mean Jeans blur the lines between authenticity and parody, challenging conventions with a playful spirit. But above all, "Blasted" is a testament to the band's commitment to having fun and spreading joy through their music.

"We're a band in it for the good times," declares Billy. "If we're not having fun, then it isn't Mean Jeans."

With "Blasted," Mean Jeans have crafted an album that encapsulates their ethos and delivers an exhilarating listening experience. It's a celebration of punk in all its absurdity and a reminder that, at the end of the day, having fun is the ultimate rebellion.


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