December 12, 2020
A new Magazine will be hitting the shelves in the new year! LUNCHEONETTE MAGAZINE! Coming from Beck Rustic (Swelltune Records/The New England Shakeup/Bay State Barn Dance) and this is what she had to say about it on her facebook page.
"I've always had the best conversations about music and art while sitting in diners and at lunch counters, hence the magazine's title. Luncheonette will be a quarterly magazine featuring all exciting music and art you should know about, and the musicians and artists who make it happen... interviews, stories, photographs.. all the good stuff!"
"The first issue will ship out on March 15th, and the cover musician of this very first issue is our pal Becky Lynn Blanca! Her talent, unwavering support of the arts and music, kindness, and smarts make her a perfect fit for our pages here at Luncheonette!"
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(Pre-orders are available on the Swelltune website!)


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