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Jason DeVore of Authority Zero Debuts Sun-Soaked Single Ahead of Fourth Solo Album

May 24, 2024

Jason Devore Releases"I'm On A Beach" Ahead of Fourth Solo Album, 'Til The Voice Goes Out

By Ace Hartmann | Racketeer Broadcast Association  | 

Jason DeVore, the charismatic frontman of Authority Zero, is set to release his much-anticipated fourth solo album, 'Til The Voice Goes Out, on June 7th. In the lead-up to this release, DeVore has unveiled his latest single and video, "I'm On A Beach," produced by Illmatic Productions, Jason DeVore, and Double Helix Records. The video, directed by Eric Cannon and Justin Bergonzoni, promises a captivating visual experience that complements DeVore's evocative storytelling.

DeVore shared the inspiration behind "I'm On A Beach," recounting a transformative trip to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. “I had just quit drinking and it was my first trip south of the border going sober,” DeVore explained. “I was getting up early with the sunrise to get a morning run in on the beach. It was the kind of morning where I just sat down and allowed myself to soak it all in, reminiscing about days of old. Suddenly, I said to myself out loud, ‘I’m on a beach, and there’s no one around.’ I instantly had an idea for a song, ran upstairs, wrote it in 25 minutes, and that was it. Playing it live at Circus Mexicus with Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, it became an instant hit for the fans.”

The video for "I'm On A Beach" has its own intriguing backstory. Initially, the concept was different, but after an intense shoot for another video, "Turn It Off!", DeVore's face was left irritated and burned from Joker face paint. “I woke up to shoot the ‘I’m On A Beach’ video with my face irritated and thought of a completely new storyline,” said DeVore. The resulting video, a spontaneous collaboration with Cannon and Bergonzoni, follows a man waking up in the desert after a wild night, searching for his friends and questioning the reality of his experiences.

DeVore’s solo work is a vibrant blend of rock 'n' roll, folk, punk, reggae, classical, and gospel influences. Collaborating with notable talents like Bob Hoag, three-time Grammy Award-winner Tom Lord-Alge, and Grammy Award-winner Jason Livermore, 'Til The Voice Goes Out showcases DeVore's evolution as an artist. “This record is what I’ve longed for all three of my past records to be on a professional level,” DeVore admitted. “The sheer talent of musicians and producers on this record is beyond any level I’d taken my other albums before.”

The journey leading to this album has been one of growth and transformation for DeVore. “So much has transpired since my last record, and I have gone through a great deal within my band’s career, my personal life, and my broadened outlook on life,” reflected DeVore. Quitting alcohol over two years ago marked a significant turning point, influencing the thematic depth of his new music.

Since forming Authority Zero in 1994, DeVore has been a pivotal figure in the Arizona music scene, blending punk rock with reggae and southwestern influences. Songs like “One More Minute” and “Revolution” highlight his dynamic voice and storytelling prowess. Inspired by Jeff Buckley, DeVore embarked on a solo career that allowed him to explore new musical territories and refine his craft.

With 'Til The Voice Goes Out, DeVore continues to push boundaries, delivering a record that is both innovative and deeply personal. “My only hope is that people will enjoy this record as much as I’ve enjoyed making it,” concluded DeVore. “This has been such a magical and personal journey from start to finish, and my heart is on my sleeve yet again. I genuinely hope it takes the listener on a musical and mental journey that covers both the best of times in life and the hardest of times because it is important to remember and embrace them all.”

As Jason DeVore prepares to release his latest work, fans can anticipate an album rich with introspection, resilience, and the signature sound that has defined his illustrious career.


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