Hellcat Records Singles Club introduces The Calamatix

January 19, 2024

Hellcat Records Singles Club #006

Featuring the Calamatix - Book of Love

Hellcat Records has issued a new installment of the Hellcat Singles Club. The latest is from a new band, The Calamatix and they have teamed up with Tim Armstrong and Hellcat Records to record and release, "Book of Love." The singer is Raylin Joy, who issued a number of solo singles in 2016 and 2017. Tim Armstrong stated that the band has other material for release, as well, stating this on Hellcat Records social media,

"So excited to announce something I’ve been working on for a bit now. A brand new, immensely talented band, with so much more to come... THE CALAMATIX!!! Been fine tuning this with them for a while now but it’s finally time for you to hear it. Check out the first single BOOK OF LOVE!"

Stay tuned into Racketeer Radio KFQX for more updates on The Calamatix and Hellcat Records Singles Club in the near future!


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