H20s' Toby Morse pens Kids Book

September 30, 2021

One Life, One Chance – Life Lessons from Toby Morse of H2O.

This is a Limited Edition Full Colour 32 Page Artist’s Book featuring eight illustrated life lessons from Toby Morse of H2O. You can order it here, hecreative.com 

Get your copy signed by H2os front man as he just recently posted a video on his instagram page with the caption: 

"Thanks the first 333 people that have already ordered my book! Everyone that’s ordered and still ordering after that we may have something special for you as well. Thanks for all the support worldwide! Really appreciate y’all. You can still Pre-Order this book from @hecreative www.HECreative.com ❤️" 

pre order yours and dont forget to keep up on Toby and all his great guests on his podcast "One Chance One Podcast


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