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Faz Waltz 'Rave-A-Coming' LP coming Spring 2024

November 17, 2023

Faz Waltz Releases Single in Advance of Spring 2024 Album, Rave-A-Coming!

The songwriting of Faz La Rocca (founder of Faz Waltz) has always been influenced by 50s/60s Rock’N’Roll, Glam Rock and Punk. Since 2008 to the present numerous singles and eight studio albums have been released by worldwide record
labels from the USA, Canada, Spain, Italy and Germany. They have played over 300 concerts all around the world, including the United States, UK, Norway, Austria, Czech Republic, Spain, Switzerland and Italy, while developing the sound along the way. Earlier Faz Waltz albums had more power pop and glam rock influences. But in the last
few years Faz Waltz has been writing songs that celebrate their love of pure rock and roll, think more J. Roddy Walston and Stray Cats, less T. Rex and Slade. Don't take the shift wrong, Faz Waltz is a band that just loves all guitar rock.

 In September 2023 the band went back into the recording studio and we now present the first singles, Side A: Rave A Comin’ Side B: Jackal Hop. Spring 2024 will see the release of their 9th studio album (10 tracks), pressed on 12”
Records and digitally distributed on all the platforms.

“Rave A-Coming” will be available worldwide on all major streaming outlets and on vinyl. It is available from the artist directly and also Spaghetty Town Records (U.S.A.), Head Perfume Records (GER), Martin’s Garage Records (SLO)

 Faz Waltz Album Rundown

-2008 “Faz Waltz” EP
-2010 “Faz Waltz” S/T -First Album (LP/CD) Treaccordi Rec (ITA)
-2011 “Life on The Moon”-Album (LP/CD) White Zoo Rec/Rocketman Rec (ITA) 
-2013 “Back On Mondo”-Album (LP/CD) Piovra Rec/White Zoo Rec (ITA) 
-2014 “Kids Are All Wild” Single (7”) Contra Rec (GER)-Surfin Ki Rec-Whiet Zoo Rec (ITA)
-2014 “Move Over” Album (LP/CD) Contra Rec (GER)-Surfin Ki Rec-Whiet Zoo Rec (ITA)
-2016 “Callin’ Loud” Album (LP/CD) Contra Rec (GER)-Longshot Music (U.S.A.)
-2018 “Julie / I’m Bleedin’” (7” Single) Contra Rec (GER)-Spaghetty Town Rec (U.S.A.) – Tongue Rec (ITA)
-2018 “Double Decker” – Album (LP) Spaghetty Town (USA), Contra Rec (GER), Gods Candy (CAN)
-2020 “Rebel Kicks” – Album LP (Spaghetty Town (U.S.A.) / Contra Records (GER) / Surfin Ki (ITA)
-2022 “Hot Cold Fever” / “Lotta Lovin’” (7” Single) Spaghetty Town (U.S.A.) / Snap Rec (ES) / Surfin’ Ki (ITA)
-2022 “On The Ball” Album (LP) Spaghetty Town (U.S.A.) / Snap Rec (ES) / Surfin’ Ki (ITA)
-2023 “ Rave A Comin’ / Jackal Hop” (7” Single) Spaghetty Town (U.S.A.) /Head Perfume (GER)


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