Christmas comes to Racketeer Radio

December 10, 2020

If you have noticed by now, The holidays have taken over Racketeer Radio! From Thanksgiving weekend until Christmas Night Racketeer Radio will be playing all of your favorite Christmas Classics! Now its not a total Christmas Take Over, All of our programming has and weill remain the same besides the time slots that are originally for airing our Catalog of music, that has now been switched to our Christmas Catalog for you to enjoy the latest and your favorite Christmas classics! The Original programming from Old Time Radio shows that we air to the Programs we host weekly, may or may not be holiday themed.

Christmas Eve, Thursday Dec. 24th and Christmas Day, Friday Dec. 25th all programs will not be aired as planned. For those days there will be a Christmas Take Over as we will only be airing Holiday music for you as we hope you will just tune into Racketeer Radio, relax, celebrate and enjoy the Holidays! 

If you have a Christmas song you would love to hear throught the holidays please let us know and we will get it into our catalog for you!

If you have recoreded a Christmas Song and would love Racketeer Radio to air it, please let us know that too!

you can email

or Contact Racketeer Radio Here!

Its been a year to remember and one to go down in history, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy! The Best is Yet to Come!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

and keep it here to Racketeer Radio and as we use this time to set up an amazing 2021! and without giving anything away, we have alot of great plans online and eventually live events for 2021!!


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