Cherry Poppin Daddies 'Undecided'

January 19, 2024

Cherry Poppin Daddies Release the Newest Single for their Upcoming Album

As the Cherry Poppin Daddies set to release there upcoming album, At the Pink Rat, over the last few months the band has been releasing new singles and the Cherry Poppin Daddies are looking upon 2024 with the same high note they left 2023 with today’s release of their new single “Undecided” from their upcoming record. Here is what Steve Perry had to say about why the band chose to include their version of this song as a part of the new album:

We recorded “Undecided” as a tribute to the great Jean Veloz who was a famous Swing dancer in the WW2 era film Swing Fever. She was still going strong into her 90’s as a dancer and as an advocate for the Lindy Hop community. She passed away in January of 2023. It’s a great arrangement by Kay Kyser and a mid-tempo groove which I had been looking for in regards to bolstering the danceability of our set list. I have been obsessed with tying in to the echoes of the WW2 era lately as it was the initial victory by the allied forces against attempted encroachment by worldwide fascism.

Listen to Racketeer Radio KFQX to hear the new Cherry Poppin Daddies single as well as the last singles the band has released in preparation for At The Pink Rat! including 'King of Swing', 'Thrill Thing', 'Party Shake' and 'Lowdown Appreciator'. Go to Cherry Poppin Daddies website to pre order the new album, view upcoming show dates and more


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