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Brigata Vendetta: Injecting Fresh Energy into the Bay Area Punk Scene

February 11, 2024

 Brigata Vendetta Declares "This is How Democracy Dies"

In the vibrant and storied Bay Area punk rock scene, a new force has emerged, and they go by the name of Brigata Vendetta. Despite being newcomers as a band, the three members behind this exciting project are seasoned veterans in the punk community. Frontman and bassist Darrel Wojick, along with guitarist Mike Caputo, are renowned for their work in street punk stalwarts Harrington Saints. Joining them is drummer Brian Zobel, known for his contributions to Bum City Saints. Together, these three "saints" are creating a brand new sound that draws from classic hardcore punk influences, promising to captivate both longtime fans and newcomers alike.

Their debut LP on Pirates Press Records, titled "This is How Democracy Dies," showcases Brigata Vendetta's musical prowess. Comprising 13 tracks written over a period of three months, the album was recorded in intense marathon sessions at Oakland's Sharkbite Studios, with frequent Harrington Saints collaborator Scott McChane at the helm.

16 - Brigata Vendetta - Cover.jpg (681 KB)What initially began as a side project for Darrel and Mike has now become their primary focus, especially after Harrington Saints disbanded. Despite their familiarity with each other's playing styles, Brigata Vendetta brings a fresh perspective and sound to the table. Darrel describes their music as more influenced by the punk and hardcore scene of the 1980s, diverging from Harrington Saints' signature Oi! sound and his other notable rock & roll project, Suede Razors.

In essence, "This is How Democracy Dies" is a record designed to satisfy longtime fans craving something new while also attracting a fresh audience of hardcore enthusiasts. According to Darrel, embracing the hardcore influences of the 1980s has injected a renewed sense of energy and fun into Brigata Vendetta.

Lyrically, the album delves into personal and introspective themes, tackling subjects such as grief, loss, personal growth, relationships, and the frustrations of the modern world. Tracks like "Never Let You Die" resonate from deeply personal experiences, showcasing the band's emotional depth.

Brigata Vendetta introduced themselves to the world with "Embrace," featured on Pirates Press Records' compilation "For Family and Flag." Both the band and the label are excited to present "This is How Democracy Dies" in its entirety, offering fans worldwide a glimpse into the innovative sounds of these Bay Area veterans. With their unique blend of classic hardcore punk influences and fresh perspectives, Brigata Vendetta is poised to make a lasting impact on the punk scene, both locally and beyond.


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