American Television Release, 'Scars'

September 20, 2023

American Televisionset to Release New Album, 'Scars'

American Television comes from depths of Washington DC and becasue of this is, they are fueled and influenced by the pressures and political turmoil of our nation’s capital. They shape their angst, exhaustion, and personal traumas, plus a dash of hope, into a Molotov cocktail of melody and vitriol aimed at both the system and their own demons.Though they may have flown under your radar until now, chances are American Television has shared the stage with your favorite Fest bands like Spanish Love Songs, Direct Hit!, Iron Chic, MakeWar, The Copyrights, and Piebald. They are no strangers to the yearly festival themselves, having played for three consecutive years.

Their sophomore album Scars (Smart Punk Records) picks up where 2020’s Watch It Burn (Wiretap Records) left off. Continuing their unique, yet familiar brand of fast-paced, melodic punk rock, but with sharpened songwriting, socially conscious sentiment, and an infectious intensity. Scars is availalbe September 22 at Smart Punk Records and you can keep up to date on all things American Television on their instagram @AMTVBAND


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