Album Release Party with Casey MacGill

November 21, 2022

Album Release Party with Casey MacGill

On Novemeber 23rd 2022, Thanksgiving Eve, Boogie-woogie and classic American swing musician Casey MacGill will be at the Sweidish Club, here in Seattle to celebrate his double album of original written music, titled, Love Letter. Casey MacGill is a throwback to an era of charm and style. On Thanksgiving eve, we’ll all party and celebrate his album, Love Letter. It features original music Casey wrote between 1973 and 2020. Expect some super-talented surprise guests to join the fun! The bar will be open, and we’ll serve soup, salad and meatballs in a cup. Music starts around 7 p.m.

Go to The Swedish Club for more show information or our Racketeer Radio KFQX Concert Calendar

Casey Macgill on Love Letter, his new double album, "This collection is 25 of the 47 original pieces that I plan on recording. This 2 volume set includes the musical contributions of 56 different musicians. 

  Some of the best!  I was blessed by these fabulous players who brought my compositions to life.  There are so many fantastic solos that celebrate this music.  I am very enthusiastic.   It was recorded in Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, The Bay Area, and Fife and Tacoma WA.  The collection encompasses many styles from pop, jazz, hot jazz, swing, funk, bossa nova and straight up pop ballads." 

Casey Continues. "I have already been asked whether this is a “best of” or “greatest hits,” but nei

ther of those summations would be accurate, since a small percentage of these tunes have been previously released.   This collection represents most of my best tunes and others are there b

ecause they just seemed to fit.  I say ‘most’ because there are several really good tunes that did not make the collection because they diverge stylistically enough that they seemed out of place, but they will be released electronically as singles.  

This collection is in two volumes.  There is a distinct difference between Volume One and Volume Two of the collection. Volume One represents mostly my early years of songwriting.  There are a few exceptions, but those match the style of the earlier work.  Volume one is funky, jazzy, and even a little cool.  Volume Two are songs that fit within the style of earlier music with one exception which is “Front Porch Rockin”. That song is a ballad in a relatively contemporary style.  I use the word contemporary to mean post 1970s.  It was written in 1989 with a Randy Newman flavor.  Front Porch Rockin’ is the seed that sprouted the project." 

Pick Up Love Letters on cd or Pre order the LP vinyl which is planned to be pressed & released Spring/Summer 2023


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