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Addie Hamilton Injured During Performance in Columbia

June 05, 2024

Photo courtesy of:  NewYork.Live 

Addie Hamilton Injures Achilles Tendon During Performance in Columbia

By Ace Hartmann | Racketeer Broadcast Association  | 

Addie Hamilton has been on tour, performing with her newlywed husband Pokey Lafarge, for his recently released album, Rhumba Country. The tour kicked off May 5th in New York, unfortunately, a month into the national tour, Addie Hamilton faced an unexpected setback during her energetic performance in Columbia. The singer-songwriter, known for her dynamic stage presence, fully tore her Achilles tendon while on stage. In an Instagram post, Hamilton shared the details of the incident and her road to recovery. View her Instagram post in full below.

Hamilton recounted the moment, explaining, "I landed my left foot at the wrong place and wrong time and fully tore my Achilles tendon." Thankfully, an orthopedic surgeon in the audience quickly attended to her, ensuring she received immediate medical care.

Currently in a boot and facing the possibility of surgery, Hamilton is looking at a recovery period that could last up to a year. Despite the daunting prognosis, she remains hopeful and determined to maintain her positive outlook. "I am trying to keep my spirits high and eyes up," she wrote, drawing inspiration from a previous ordeal when she overcame severe vocal polyps through a combination of prayer and vocal retraining.

Hamilton’s faith plays a central role in her recovery process. "I know that God healed me through prayer then and I know he can heal me now," she shared, expressing her belief in the power of prayer and her hope for a swift recovery.

The singer is already brainstorming creative ways to adapt her performances while recovering, joking about the possibility of "pyrotechnic crutches" or "a washboard attached to my cast." While the final decision on her participation in upcoming shows remains uncertain, Hamilton emphasized that the show will go on, led by her talented band and her husband.

Hamilton ended her post with a request for prayers, expressing her belief in their power and her eagerness to return to dancing for her fans soon. 

Here is to a speedy, peaceful, joyful recovery! 

As they say, 'The show must go on!'. Pokey La Farge and the band continue 'The Rumba Country tour' and will be at Seattles' Crocodile June 12th with The Tailspins, get tickets here. Pokey Lafarge released his latest LP 'Rhumba Country' on New West Records and is available now


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