15 Bands from Seattle

August 05, 2022

15 Bands, here at Racketeer Radio KFQX, we recommend from Seattle, is a list of bands that I personally enjoy and you can hear them all, along with a whole lot more music from around the world, anytime on Racketeer Radio KFQX, right here on RacketeerRadio.com or the Racketeer Radio KFQX App

This is a list of bands that I recommend, there is no order, its not a countdown, it is not a list of, this band is better than this band, this is simply a list of Bands/Artists from Seattle (and Portland) area, that if you have not yet done so, take a moment and listen to these bands, because I honestly, genuinely believe you will enjoy them. Yes, we know there is alot of great music coming from Seattle, from bands like The Black Tones, Dead Streets, King Yungblood and so many more. These bands on this list fall closer to what Racketeer Radio KFQX mirrors, which is the music of today that reflects, more of a vintage style. From Punk Rock to Swing and everything inbetween. 

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Birch Pereira & The Gin Joints / Birch & Jenny

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Maybe the first one on the list, but not the last Band/Artist on the list that has another notable projects inside the group. Birch Pereira & the Gin Joints are a popular Northwest band who perform extensively on the West Coasts of the US and Canada with recurring gigs in New York City, New Orleans and Los Angeles as well. In 2016 their first album, Dream Man, won Earshot Jazz Society’s "Northwest Jazz Recording of the Year" and in 2017 & 2018 Birch was nominated as "Vocalist of the Year". Their second album "Western Soul," which features western-tinged jazz and soul originals, was released in March 2018 Featuring front man Birch Pereira’s “old soul” tenor voice and his skilled bass playing, the Gin Joints offer captivating arrangements of well-crafted originals and well-chosen covers. The band features skilled and versatile musicians who share the same love of the American song traditions and the desire to offer fresh interpretations.  Whether as a trio or with the addition of a pulsating horn section, the band will take you on a sonic tour of great music. Tune in, fasten your seatbelts and prepare to be transported.

After lockdown began, my band and life partner Jenny Littlefield began to arrange the band repertoire into a tight ukulele and harmony driven duo known casually as Jenny and Birch. The best way to follow the calendar for upcoming live streams, music on bandcamp and exclusive behind the scenes content on Patreon.


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Johnny 7 and the Black Crabs

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Johnny 7 and the Black Crabs is a rock'n'roll trio from Seattle. Formed as a backing band for Rockabilly legend Wanda Jackson, The Black Crabs only intended to be together for a short time. But with the success of touring with Wanda and Johnny's deep love of wild 50s rock'n'roll, rockabilly, and vintage jazz, the band couldn't just stop.

Drawing heavily from their background in Ameripolitan Music- Vintage Rock and Roll, Honky-Tonk, and Hillbilly Swing, the trio performs upbeat music full of harmonies, quirky turns with a danceable beat. While they may slip in an obscure cover with tha authentic feel, they also mix rich doses of Garage, Surf and Western Swing into their originals. Writing the songs, crooning and handling guitar and steel duties, Johnny 7 is the heart and soul of The Black Crabs.

Drummer Mike Daugherty brings energy and his excitement of vintage music to the trio with his unique style. Having played everything from Dixieland, Swing, Jazz to Rock'n'Roll and Punk Rock, Mike is the right man for the job!

Wesley Amundsen may be the quiet one, but don't let that fool you - he is a monster on the bass. Slapping the strings from anywhere between solid percision to reckless abandon, he always holds down the bottom end of the Black Crabs sound.


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Wildcat Rose

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Wildcat Rose is a four-piece rock n’ roll band hailing from the great Pacific Northwest.  The group blends elements of early rock & roll and country with the sonic fury of guitar-driven garage punk that their hometown is famous for.

Leading the charge are the dynamic pairing of vocalist Marieke Havoc and lead guitar-slinger Skky Phoenix, whose shared passion for rock n’ roll rebellion and all things over the top came together in early 2017.  Rounded out by a hard-hitting rhythm section consisting of bassist Kirsten Ballweg and drummer Mike Fritz, the band’s high energy live show has garnered comparisons to X, The Cramps and the B-52’s and earned them opening slots for national acts such as Americana roots rock icons The Blasters, Junior Brown, Jesse Dayton, Sarah Shook and the Disarmers, The Delta Bombers and Texas cow-punk legends The Hickoids.

Wildcat Rose’s first 12” album “On Fire!” was released in the spring of 2020 (recorded by PNW garage rock legend Kurt Bloch).



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Sundae + Mr. Goessl

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Sundae + Mr. Goessl features award-winning vocalist Kate Voss (Earshot Magazine's Vocalist of the Year, two-time Seattle-Kobe Vocal Jazz Princess) and tireless virtuoso guitarist, Jason Goessl. This charming wife/husband duo has a style all their own and incorporate humor, vintage style, interesting instrumentation, nostalgia and serious musicianship in their act. While some label their style as "Vintage Pop" and others deem it "Cowboy Jazz" there's one adjective that everyone can agree on: delightful.

Recently awarded Acoustic Ensemble of the Year, Sundae + Mr. Goessl are bringing back the sounds from a by-gone era and spreading the joy of music like Johnny Appleseed. Their distinct brand of “Fun & Fancy Music” has been delighting audiences across the US for the past 8 years. Recently married, the couple has put out 7 albums and has performed 1500 shows. The couple has successfully drafted an act that encompasses virtuosity, jazz, pop, americana, country, charm, fashion, comedy and vaudeville with accolades and awards to boot.

Sundae (Kate Voss) has steeped for 2 decades in vocal performance and earned the title of Seattle-Kobe Vocal Jazz Princess in both 2014 and 2016. In 2016 she also received a Golden Ear Award as Vocalist of the Year from Earshot Magazine. Studying under Greta Matassa, she's had many opportunities to sing all across the US. Sundae often surprises her audiences with a melodica solo and with 10 years as a piano instructor under her belt, it is quite a tasty treat. She appears regularly around Seattle lending her unique sounds to a myriad of styles ranging from weirdo-pop with Mannequin BBQ (who filmed on The Gong Show in 2017) to old-timey jazz with Kate Voss & The Big Boss Band to Western Swing with the Western Bluebirds to retro-country with her sister duo Opal-Thistle Pistol Sisters (where they use a swear jar instead of a tip jar). However, she proves most delightful and captivating when she injects her verve into these Golden Age songs as "Her voice nails the authenticity of this era…” —JazzTimes

Mr. Goessl (Jason Goessl) was born and raised in a small village in eastern Wisconsin and became an accomplished jazz guitarist by age 17. At age 18 Mr. Goessl started his trek west. His first stop was Eau Claire WI. There he studied music at the University and played in the award winning jazz ensemble with such jazz greats as saxophonist Michel Brecker and guitarist Charlie Byrd. Getting the itch for more inspiration, Goessl moved to Minneapolis where he made a living gigging most nights of the week and was awarded the prestigious Visiting Composers Award for his composition “3 Philosopher’s In A Landscape”. With his insatiable desire for creativity and elevation, Mr. Goessl made the trek to Seattle WA. Today, Mr. Goessl makes a living as one of Seattle's top guitarist in most genres. From jazz to country, indie to Brazilian, surf to metal, Goessl is a freelance guitarist that approaches the music with studied curiosity and stamps it with his indelible signature sound.

Jason and Kate formed a deep connection with each other through their mutual love of music, quickly and earnestly becoming a couple in 2013. Sundae + Mr. Goessl  are currently touring the US and Canada in their 30 ft Winnebago with their rescue chihuahua (Jackie) and plan on making fantastic music together for the rest of their lives. ♥


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The Drowns

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At such a stressful time to be a free thinking, open minded, open hearted American, The

Drowns have come together to light a fire amongst those of us who still have hope in humanity. The three members have a combined 40+ years of punk rock experience fromtheir prior projects, Success, The Shell Corporation, and The Briggs.

Their debut album”View From The Bottom” is just that, a sign of hope. It’s a collection of energetic, passion

fueled punk rock, drawing influence from the best anthemic punk bands of the mid to late

90s. The songs are positive, insightful, and catchy. With songs like “Eternal Debate”, and

“Faithfully Faithless”, they lyrically point the finger at those who wish to oppress for their

own gains in these troubled times. With the spirit of albums like “And Out Come The

Wolves” by Rancid, and “Hopeless Romantic” by The Bouncing Souls, this album is set

to have you inspired and singing along in no time.



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Bridge City Sinners (PDX)

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From the misty, pine-covered hills of the Pacific Northwest hail the Bridge City Sinners, who span the continuum from prohibition era jazz to Appalachian death folk. This traditional string band line up bends the meaning of the word genre, Playing festivals from Punk Rock Bowling, to Muddy Roots, to Oregon’s Bluegrass String Summit. They started their journey by busking on sidewalks across the country and  now this supergroup of musicians find themselves on the national tour circuit. The Sinners still hold true to the DIY mentality of putting albums out on a self made record label, Flail Records. They recently hit #70 on the Billboard charts, top current album sales, for the week of September 4th 2021 for their album “Unholy Hymns”.  With talented musicianship and a punk as f***! live show, this is one band you don’t want to miss.

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The Kings

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Established in 2013, The Kings Seattle emerged from the underground with hard hitting force, blending traditional brass ska with raw punk, soul and rock 'n' roll. Our founding members are Seattle natives brought together by sharing a long history with the NW punk/rock scene. People say we sound like Chicago mixed with Rancid.

We’ve shared the stage with The Toasters, Mustard Plug, Alfredo Ghosts, Vicious Petals and other local ska/punk bands.

We’ve played legendary venues in Seattle including The Tractor, Funhouse, Chop Suey, Conor Byrne, High Dive, The Sunset, The Royal Room and many more!



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College Radio

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Hailing from the Gloomy Emerald City of Seattle, College Radio have made a name for themselves with catchy choruses, hard-charging drums, and soaring harmonies. They combine classic old-school pop punk with an unexpected alternative twist. With the release of their new single Untitled on Third String Records, College Radio have proven themselves to be one of the premier punk acts of the PNW!

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Roy Kay Trio/etc 

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Since the trio was formed in 2001, they have released six full length albums, Wanderin' Mind (2002), produced by Deke Dickerson, recorded by Kearney Barton, Knockin' Em Back (2004), produced by Ashley Kingman, recorded by Wally Hersom, Rock-a-way Lonesome Moon (2006), recorded by Axel Praefcke, produced by Axel and the Roy Kay Trio and The Rhythm and Harmony of The Roy Kay Trio (2008), recorded by Roy Kay and produced by The Roy Kay Trio. In 2010 they released I'm Hooked with an added drummer as The Roy Kay Combo and in 2014 they returned to the original line-up and released Mad and Blue.

The trio has performed in several countries on many European tours with featured appearances at these international festivals: Rockabilly Rave (UK), High Rockabilly (ES), Hemsby (UK), Viva Las Vegas (US), Camperdown (AUS), Green Bay's Rockin' 50's Fest (US), Rockabilly Rave (US), Waldorf Weekender (DE), Screamin' Festival (ES), Summer Jamboree (IT), Berlin's Rock 'n roll  Firestorm (DE), Amsterdam's D-Day (NL), Wild, Wild, Wild (US), Red Hot and Blue (CA), Bumbershoot (US), Sasquatch (US) and many Northwest festivals including KEXP's Rockabilly Ball and both of Washington's Folklife Festivals

The trio plays rockabilly, hillbilly bop and early country and always has a good time doin' it. 

Roy Kay Trio is another band on this list that has multiple bands steaming from this Trio such as The Ember Brothers, formed by Roy Kay (vocals and guitar) and Robin Cady (double bass), both from the Roy Kay Trio. They are joined by John Olufs on guitar and Eddie Martinez on drums. The four of them also play in the Starjays.



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Graveyard Shift 

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Graveyard Shift formed in the summer of 2001 in a basement in the suburbs of Seattle, WA initially to re-kindle the ashes of a dying scene left by bands such as Los Gatos Locos, and The Spectres.They began writing dark rock and roll and tales of horror. Little did they know the path it would lead them. Nicky Nightmare (drums), Ben Grimm (bass), and Murder Mike (Vocals), who were friends from previous bands, began searching for a unique guitar sound. They found none other than guitarist Chainsaw Chad, whose eerie licks would bring their sound to a whole darker level. Graveyard Shift left Seattle for a series of tours starting out with the first annual West Coast Wreckers Ball at the Galaxy Theater in Orange County and immediately gained the respect of their peers in the throbbing vein of the North American Psychobilly scene in Los Angeles, CA. Playing shows with great international psychobilly acts as Mad Sin, Demented Are Go, Os Catelepticos, and many more. The bands first official west coast tour left them with a hunger and drive for more touring. With an extensive list of bands under his belt, Geoff Kresge, currently a guitarist for the Hellcat records recording artists, The Horrorpops, whom at that time was the bassist for the nationally acclaimed psychobilly band, Tiger Army, and who played for written and produced music for well known amazing bands as AFI, The Daggers, and Blanks 77 took a serious interest in Graveyard Shifts sound, and requested to produce their record. The combination of GYSs amazingly dark sound, Kresges musical mastermind, and Paul Miner as the engineer was magic.


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The Dip

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The Dip is a pop, rhythm and blues band that was formed in 2013 by jazz music students at the University of Washington in Seattle.The band combines a typical pop instrumentation with a 3-part horn section. They have released three full-length albums as well as two instrumental EPs.Band members Jarred Katz, Mark Hunter and Tom Eddy shared a house near the University of Washington, where they would play songs on guitar together, occasionally joined by their friend Jacob Lundgren. A trio known as the Honeynut Horns (Brennan Carter, Evan Smith, and Levi Gillis) lived across the alley and would play jazz songs on their balcony. The two groups came together to form The Dip.

The band was initially created to play house parties at the University of Washington in order to provide the band members, all jazz music students, an opportunity to play more mainstream music. They recorded an EP in their room in 2013 and played their first gig at Barboza in Seattle at the end of that summer.

In 2015 the band released their self-titled first album, then followed that up with the instrumental album Won't Be Coming Back the following year. In 2019 they released their second full-length album The Dip Delivers, which was recorded in a studio they built for themselves, and in 2020 they released a second instrumental EP The Dip Plays It Cool. In 2021 the band signed with Dualtone Records and released a new single Paddle To The Stars, followed by the full-length album Sticking With It in March 2022.

The band has played several music festivals and also embarked on longer tours, including a 2019 tour of Europe with Durand Jones & The Indications as well as a tour of Japan. Although they had to cancel a 2020 tour due to the pandemic, they are planning a 2022 tour of North America, including some dates supporting Lake Street Dive.


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The Dusty 45s

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The Dusty 45s have inspired and fired up crowds for over two decades to the delight of fans and critics alike. With their signature style and unique sound, the band is a consistently powerful and energetic player in the Americana field.


The band was founded in 1997 by charismatic singer/songwriter, guitarist and trumpeter, Billy Joe Huels. Huels' songs draw inspiration from the roots of rock, rhythm and blues, honky-tonk and jazz. The band also consists of Kohen Burrill (drums), Robin Cady (upright bass) and Rod Cook (Lead Guitar). 


The Dusty 45s have toured extensively. They backed Rock and Roll Hall of famer, Wanda Jackson many times, including when they joined her for Adele's "21" tour in 2011. The band has shared the stage with Brandi Carlile, Lyle Lovett, John Prine, The Ventures, Lucinda Williams, Leann Rhymes and Dick Dale, to name a few. In 2007, Huels received critical acclaim for his portrayal of Buddy Holly at Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre. In 2019, he interviewed PBS “Country Music” documentarian, Ken Burns, at Meany Hall in front of a sold-out audience.


The Dusty 45s have released 7 recordings. The 2014 album, “Live and On Fire”, showcases the best of their bold and brassy sound recorded live at the Triple Door in Seattle, WA. Huels and the band are currently working on a new recording, to be released in 2022.

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Jacqueline Tabor

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Jacqueline Tabor, the Seattle Chanteuse’s signature bluesy style has set her apart as a legendary performer in the Pacific Northwest. She combines relaxed energy with tremendous range and masterful improvisation, defining herself as a unique and dynamic presence in the contemporary jazz world. Tabor’s stunning vocals have thrice earned her the Earshot Jazz Vocalist of the Year Award, as well as the Seattle-Kobe Sister City Association Female Jazz Vocalist Award. Backed by a hand-picked ensemble of Seattle’s most talented jazz musicians, Tabor always brings you a breathtaking performance that stands as a testament to her place as one of the PNW’s most beloved jazz voices. In 2020 prior to the Pandemic, she created and performed a powerful tribute concert to Billie Holiday with the legendary Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra and continues to collaborate with this outstanding organization.

In 2011, she released her debut LP, What a Wonderful World, which helped Tabor earn the prestigious Earshot Jazz Award for Northwest Vocalist of the Year in 2012. Tabor released her second album in 2014, The Jazz in You, which was recorded live by KNKX’s (formerly KPLU’s) Jim Wilke at the Seattle Jazz Vespers. This project received national acclaim and exposure to airways. It later went on to be showcased in a coveted KNKX in-studio session in 2016, now available on YouTube/NPR.This experience inspired her next step, which quickly turned into an evolution of her career.

In 2018, Tabor’s third album, The Lady in the Gown, was released. This project has 15 jazz tunes including the original title track that incorporates the fresh sound and new vibe from her collaboration with the wonderful 200 Trio. Max Holmberg on drums is an inspiration to rhythm and brings a coolness and savvy more seasoned musicians yearn to obtain. Greg Feingold is a bass playing purist, meaning one who can play without electronic amplification. The strength of his strumming is simultaneously tremendous and subtle. Cole Schuster is a beautiful guitarist who keeps a very “cool customer” look on his face while playing monster licks that move your heart and make your mind think. These men have really created a space for Tabor to broaden her song list with great support and respect. Following the album release, Tabor went on to accept an Earshot Jazz Award for the second time, receiving the 2018 Vocalist of the Year honor, while also being nominated in the Album of the Year category for The Lady in the Gown.

In March 2020, Tabor had the honor of being part of The Quarantine Sessions (TQS). TQS is the brainchild of Marina Albero, the multifaced, exceptionally talented pianist. This project was womxn-led and received national acclaim from Los Angeles to New York City. In October 2020 this project now has a home and a creative residency at Block 41 and the support of Teatro Zin Zanni.

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Georgetown Orbits

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Since the band’s conception in late 2004, The Georgetown Orbits have risen to international notoriety for their soulful, modern-vintage, style of Jamaican ska, reggae, and rocksteady music. Multiple releases from the critically-acclaimed group have earned ample airplay on radio stations and podcasts all over the world. The band is well-known for their dynamic musicianship. The authentic feel they bring to their music has attracted audiences all over the western US and Canada. 

The Orbits have played with such prominent names as the Skatalites, Clinton Fearon, The Gladiators, Israel Vibration, The Roots Radics, The English Beat, Bad Manners, The Aggrolites, The Pietasters, Chris Murray, Pato Banton, and a west coast tour with New York’s legendary Ska group The Slackers.

The band’s goal is to use their keen songwriting and performing aptitude to assist in charting the course for modern-vintage music while paying tribute to the magnificent sound of the roots of reggae and ska.  


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Hutchie is a rock/twang trio from Seattle, WA. Consisting of songwriters committed to the ethos that a truly catchy song is a type of companionship that sticks with you throughout your day. They combine power pop, americana and rock & roll for a sound that is classic in feel, yet refreshing in sound. Their debut album, Some Other Way is sure to get toes tapping and faces smiling.


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