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January 16, 2021

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You can help support Racketeer Radio, Artists and Bands in just three easy steps each week!

          • Step One: Tune into Hot off the Press Live, Monday - Thursday at 2pm PST on Racketeer Radio and hear new music! Click Here! up above, or on the Racketeer Radio App! for the Official Poll.
          • Step Two: Find your favorite NEW SINGLE on the Official Poll and Vote! or Vote by Sending us a Racketeer Radiogram
          • Step Three: Tune into Hot off the Press Countdown! live every Friday at 3pm PST only on Racketeer Radio for the top 10 countdown!
Hot off the Press Countdown! is the top 10 countdown of the Newest, Hottest Tunes, Voted by you!
Click above and vote for your favorite Artists each week! Racketeer Radio has created Hot off the Press Countdown to help promote and support music and artists that are inspired by the vintage sounds of the Golden Age. To help bands, musicians and artists grow and connect with fans and listeners as well as inspire and encourage each other, in a positive light.

Racketeer Radiograms are 60-90 sec. audio recordings from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer sent to us. Send us your vote in audio! Say a positive kind word and Racketeer Radio will air it, on a Hot off the Press program throughout the week. Click on the 'Racketeer Radiogram' above for more information 

Hot off the Press Live

Monday - Thursday at 2pm PST

Hot off the Press Countdown!
Every Friday at 2pm PST only in Racketeer Radio.

Add your music to Hot Off The Press Live! Get your latest Single on the Poll, have listeners and fans vote for your Single each week and watch our music climb the Charts! Contact us here or email us -



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