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Introducing The Satin Dollz!


    If you haven’t yet heard of The Satin Dollz yet you are about to be introduced to the sounds of the Satin Dollz, with their first full length albu, Pin up Revolution Introducing The Satin Dollz! 12 songs featuring 12 Satin Dollz from both the Los Angeles and London groups bringing their original sound to your favorite songs from the greatest band leaders such as Andrews sisters, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Cab Calloway and more! November 11th will be the release date for this introductory record, until then go to where you will be able to not only pre order Pin up Revolution: Introducing The Satin Dollz You can shop Lola's Closet! Tune into Racketeer Radio to hear the newest tunes from The Satin Dollz!


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