I's a-mugglin', you's a-mugglin' - Songs about marijuana

Its April! that means the spring has sprung and Easter is around the corner but there is one more other celebrating factor in April, National Pot Smokers Day is on the 20th, also known as 420. There is alot of rumors of how and why 4/20 got its recognition, some have said that 420 was police code for a marijuana arrest in progress, but once you take a look into that that myth it stops there. 
    The most credible of its origins is that a small group of high school kids, known as the waldos, used that time to meet after school to partake. Nevertheless instead of doing an Easter piece I wanted to look back in how marijuana had its connect to jazz and swing, listen to the lyrics - the slang and you will understand!  Listed below are some of the most noteworthy songs written about or focusing around refer! Get right into it!


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