Racketeer Radio coming January 2020


Racketeer Radio will be launched the midnight of the new year, January 1st 2020. We are focused on not only bringing you the best old school music, programs, news,
information and advertisements of today and of the golden age of Radio, but to also build a platform for the community of what we like to call the nostalgic culture. The Nostalgic Culture is a vintage lifestyle from music, movies, fashion, cars, decor, entertainment and everything in between with a dash of today’s technology and knowledge.

Racketeer Radio will be launched online, our app will be available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, Alexa, Android Auto & more! Playing non-stop music, entertainment and news. With the launching of Racketeer Radio we want to help build a community for this sub culture where we can connect and keep notified on the vintage lifestyle, news, shows, music, events and so much more. Racketeer Radio will be your one stop for all things old school. Find out about all the opportunities and how you can become apart of Racketeer Radio here

Racketeer Radio is focused on bringing the best vintage programs to our radio station, giving listeners the best ways to inspire, educate, inform and influence a better, fuller vintage life. We have many plans, events, goals and many ideas in the works, stay tuned and follow us on 

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